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"Quality Made to Order"

Catch Basin Frames purchased thru CatchBasinFliters.com are made to fit and work properly.

All filter drain inserts are made with stainless steel frames, stainless steel debris baskets and filtration media.

Made in USA, catch basins are priced with your budget and site specification needs in mind.

Our catch basin selections provide you with filter options that address; run off from oil, pesticides, sediment, heavy metals, paint etc.

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Catch Basin Filter Inserts are made to last. Stainless Steel catch basins are fabricated on site.

Frames are 16 gauge Stainless Steel which fits under the grate and so tripping in heavy pedestrian traffic does not occur.

Our Catch Basin Frames are simple in design and not over engineered. Expanded stainless steel catch basins improve the flow of water through the filters so water does not back -up and overflow into the street at peak flow periods.

Closed sediment baskets often create flooding from compacted weighted sand & dirt; tearing the plastic debris catch and blocking the outflow.

Catch basin inserts are designed to filter out unwanted debris & clean water before it travels to the ocean and should allow natural sediment to flow freely into the sewer network.

Sediment is a natural cleaning agent which cleans out water shed sewer systems to the ocean; creating more sand along the way.

Plastic bags, metal cans, cardboard, glass, are some of man's garbage trapped at the street or entry level.

Catch basins should be fitted with the proper and correct "First Flush" filters to clean run off water before it hits the sewers/ watershed/ treatment plants.

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